I am a freelance web developer specialising in giving your company a prominent web presence.

Posted by Tito K Sabone on May 2, 2018

Hello, my name is Tito.

I am a freelance web developer specialising in your company a prominent web presence. It's not just a passion of mine or the love for the ever evolving backend technology; it's about serving the community I live in and bringing home world class technologies within reach locally.

What I do

Qualified as a software engineer, I cannot help but always delve in web techonologies and advancements as the world continues to bring something new everyday. The world around us is moving to cloud based solutions from your music on your phone to home solutions, running your business in online and having 24hr reachability and access! The next inudustrial revolution is spearheaded by the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry and I for one want to be a part of it: especialy here in Botswana - the Country I love so much.

From my home studio, I am forever doing my research, getting onboard the latest tech and developing to solutions for what I feel the local market needs. Armed with over 5 years commercial experience, I will work with you to deliver an effective solution for your company.

What I don't

I just recently launched my Smart Business Mail solution for companies. It's not enough to just have a website done up for you. I see it fit that all media from your company should represent you well and that emails your emails (which are the largest form of communication after phone calls) should also carry your brand well.


Do send me a shout out at tito@tksabone.com and tell me about you and what you'd like to do - from getting a website, what it involves and the best option for you to cloud based solutions for your company where you'd want to always have access to your office at any time and any place. Lets work together!!